Sunday, April 23, 2006

Capture/Release Then History

I'm on record as being a fan on the latest Brit-Rock explosian. I've liked all these bands: Franz Ferdinand, Libertines, Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Art Brut and now the Rakes. Their album gets a stateside release on April 25 after being out in Europe since 9/05. Like all of the above bands they mine the early 80's Brit sound. Their songs aren't sloppy punk though, but thoughtful ruminations on daily life in Britain. Someone compared them to Mike Skinner's Streets. I wish them luck here in the States, but have a feeling that like the above bands they won't catch on. Franz Ferdinand's 2nd album didn't sell like their first, the Libertines are history and the Arctic Monkeys aren't selling near their hype. But I don't care. In a few years, the first compilations from this period will be out, and like those 80's comps, it'll show that the Brits had it going on. If only for a brief spurt. Scoop up these bands' albums now.
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