Monday, May 22, 2006

If It's Still Okay For Toby Keith

Does anybody else notice that Toby Keith ends his latest album with a pro-prayer in school song. The word God on a Country album! Keith calls himself an Oklahoma Democrat, but we all know better. I wouldn't care about Keith's politics if he had the balls to truly reveal his inner liberal. But he's courting mainstream Country, where the mere thought of rocking the boat (dissing Bush, dissing the War, questioning the USA), will get you blackballed. Unless your an old vet like Haggard or Willie. But new Country acts don't have the guts to go against the grain. Even a Bill Clinton fan like Tim McGraw plays Clinton's centrist take and ruffles few feathers. But Natalie Maines did. Taking The Long Way isn't political, but you can't get around her history while listening to it. Althought, they're giving up on Country radio playing them, it's still a Country album. There's whisks of 70's Country/Rock here but it's not a pop album. My only complaint is that it's missing a big hit that would've made it tough for even the Southern stations that continue to boycott them, to play. Others will miss a "Goodbye Earl" or "Sin Wagon". I think they'll return to that next time. For now they've got old scores to settle.
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