Monday, June 26, 2006

Are The Temptations the Blues?

I made my yearly trip to the Monterey Blues Festival. But I skipped the main stage stuff (afternoon full of Gospel, evening full of nothing too special). I know some of those evening acts may have been worth the extra cash, but this year I concentrated on the side stages. An odd place, these areas, because in order to hear the Blues then these were it. Monterey's Blues Fest booking agents have trouble getting what's left of the legendary Blues acts to come there: BB King and Buddy Guy. So, it order to bulk up main stage sales they book Old R&B'ers. This year was the Four Kings (Butler, Chandler, Price and Ben E. King and a Temptations Revue with Dennis Edwards). The former was a prime ticket, but I went on Sunday and got stuck with the latter. Which I missed, also. The side stages full of acts that have been there before. War veterans of a Blues Highway, most of them. But it's too bad that these acts couldn't fill up an arena by themselves. The festival is a good bargain for your money. But the lack of a blues legend in the grandstand had some scratching their head. I realize that the legendary acts are long gone, and old R&B is the only way to sell a ticket, but damn I wish the festival's organizer's would suck it up and go all blues all the time. At least for one year.
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