Saturday, July 15, 2006

Not Wussy After All

It should come as no surprise that James Taylor got named the #1 wussiest in Rock. Rock critics have been at JT since Sweet Baby James. But he's always gotten the last laugh. Records sell, the RRHOF inducted him in his first year on the ballot and he would probably be chuckling it up at the Blender award. Blaming Taylor for all the sensitive singer-songwriter stuff that followed him in the 70's would be like blaming Garth Brooks (who lands at #20)for all the hat acts that Country labels signed in the wake of his diamond selling CD's. What matter's is how good the source is. And both of 'em are pretty darn good. Taylor would benefit with a comp of his non-cover hits. And it should include his funny stuff. Yeah, the critics in Blender who rag on him, failed to mention that he has a better sense of humor than most of his brethren: "Frozen Man", "Gorilla" and "Line 'Em Up" are some of his best.
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