Saturday, July 29, 2006

What Happens When Country Meets Soul?

Chris Gaffney and Dave Gonzalez were journeymen until they formed a band and hooked up with Dan Penn for their self-titled 2005 album. Now, on their followup, What's Wrong With Right (Proper), they stick with what made their debut appealing: Country-Western Soul. The R&B covers are ace and their own songs belong. But listening to it I began to wonder how many other Country acts have tried to mix with R&B. Some of these just have soulful voices: Conway Twitty, George Jones, the forgotten Narvel Felts and Ronnie Dunn. But jeez if I couldn't come up with more, although if I researched it more I could've found them. As for bands, the Hacienda's weren't the first. I'd go with Doug Sahm's various groups at #1. But let's be glad someone else is thinking about it.
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