Thursday, July 20, 2006

Top 20 Music Nicknames

ESPN Classic did a 2006 special on the Top 20 sports nicknames. Which got me thinking of the best Music nicknames. So VH1 or CMT here's an idea for your next music list special.
My choices in order, and I won't put the name of the singer/band. Every music fan will know 'em.
1. The King
2. The Fab Four
3. Man In Black
4. Godfather Of Soul
5. The Killer
6. Bocepheus
7. 'Ol Blue Eyes
8. The Boss
9. Queen Of Soul
10. Satchmo
11. The Silver Fox
12. Sweet Baby James
13. Wicked Pickett
14. Slowhand
15. Piano Man
16. The Ice Man
17. Captain Fantastic
18. The Genius
19. King of Pop
20. Lady Day
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