Sunday, December 10, 2006

2006's Most Forgotten CD

For me the most overlooked Good album of 2006 comes from Country singer Julie Roberts. Men & Mascara was her 2nd album and released in the Summer it proved to be my favorite Country album of the year not done by the Dixie Chicks. But the lead title track single bombed, which is always a bad sign in today's hit or you're gone Country environment. A slow burn it wasn't uptempo enough for Country radio, which likes their singles playful and easy to swallow. The followup, a more uptempo song, also tanked. And so did the album. But don't forget it. My fear, and I said this when I initially reviewed the album, is that Roberts' record company will demand fluff for her third album. If they don't get sales she could be dropped and relegated to 3rd tier oblivion. I hope she holds on, and if you like good hard Country then give her a spin.
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