Saturday, April 14, 2007

Imus and VH1

When VH1 first went on the air in the mid 80's, Don Imus was one of their VJ's. With its production budget at zero, Imus and other VJ's sat in what looked like a control booth, and introduced videos. These were the days when you could see videos 24 hours a day. Imus, with his grumpy face and who cares attitude, always looked out of place as a VJ. And truth be told, the only memorable thing he said during his run was that Sade looked like a "black grape". Someone believes that he said "brown grape", but I remember it otherwise. Whether you think that's racist or not, it sure didn't sound that way back then. Today, as a VJ, it would raise hell. Twenty years ago, it was a blip on my TV set.
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