Friday, May 18, 2007

Adam Levine Struts

Big and bright coming out of your radio, "Makes Me Wonder" reminded me of Hall & Oates' "Private Eyes". In fact the latter used to make albums like Maroon 5's It Won't Be Long when they were early 80's hit machines. Adam Levine follows up a mega-seller with just the right amount of future hits and passable filler that H& O used to do. There's now a cocky strut to Levine's music, and the R&B flourishes help drown some of the tough-love breakup songs. But thanks to a crackling band, Levine gets away with it this time. He doesn't have Daryl Hall's voice, but he knows how to write hits. Critic's may not love them, just as they didn't crave H&O, but fans will be too busy singing along to care.
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