Sunday, July 22, 2007

Prince vs. Record Companies

In England, Prince gave away copies of his latest album, Planet Earth, in a daily newspaper. Well, kind of gave away. He was paid by the paper to do it. And yeah, this ticked off his British Record Company who refused to release it, before another Company scooped it up. But this is the 21st Century and an artist like Prince can't get airplay for his new songs , except on niche stations (Urban R&B). Prince did the same thing on Musicology, infuriating American retailers. But Prince knows that he'll never sell like before, but he still likes making records. So, what should he do. Give it away! Kind of, but still bypass retailers and radio who won't stock or play his new stuff. But what about Planet Earth. It's good but not great. I liked 3121 better. It's starts off weak with two uptempo mediorcities. Like 3121 , the best songs are the slow jams, and no other R&B act is doing them better than Prince. Prince is giving away the album to some concert goer's who pony up huge ticket prices. One thing's for certain, Prince isn't going away. He's got tons of music stored up for your free or paid pleasure. He will be heard.
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