Monday, August 20, 2007

2 (maybe 3) Things That Will Get Under Someone's Skin

It's great to see "In The Ghetto" get into Itunes' Top 100 song download chart. But it's not so great that it's the version with Lisa Marie adding her vocals. Her voice isn't very distinctive, which just means that Elvis ends up outsinging his daughter.

A new Eagles album will elicit howls from the critical elite who always hated the band. The surprise is that the first single, "How Long" is a cover of J.D. Souther song from 1972. It's classic Eagles, Country-Rock this time, so those that always cringed at the mention of their name will keep cringing.

Garth Brooks can make critic's wince too. Brooks' ride in the mid-90's was as much fun as Elton's ride in the mid-70's. Back then critic's had a love/hate one with Elton just as they did with Garth. Brooks' personality wasn't as humorous as Elton, so his ego was as big as his Central Park concert. After he "retired", he sold-out to Wal-Mart for exclusive distribution of his CD's. Now he's dumping Wal-Mart and getting his product back in all the stores. This is being bookmarked by a new Compilation. But what really annoys me is that Brooks still has no plans to put his catalog on Itunes or any other download site. But remember this: Brooks is Country Music's most astute businessman. He says he wants his music to be album only downloads. Sorry, this is 2007 and that won't cut it. Eventually, Brooks will cave when he sees dollar's to be had.

The return of Garth Brooks and the Eagles. All in the same year. On your TV and radio. Music crit's will have nowhere to hide.
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