Monday, September 24, 2007

Not Your Mama's Joni

Joni Mitchell had no plans to make any more new albums. But then one day a topic hit her that she couldn't resist writing about: Global Warming. With a revamped "Big Yellow Taxi" included Shine isn't really an ecology record. On the title track she takes on the War and the Catholic Church. Elsewhere, she just rants. Just like she has on her last studio albums from the 80's and 90's If you know Mitchell's work from that era, then you'd expect a whole lot of preaching, but here she let's the music catch up to the lyrics. It's hummable, but damn meaningful This is not folk Joni, but mid-70's Jazz Joni. If the albums Mingus and Don Juan's Reckless Daughter make you cringe, then you won't like this either. Joni Mitchell is a strange paradox. In interview's she rails against the music industry, but her new album is on the Starbuck's label. At 45 minutes, minus the opening instrumental, Shine shows that Mitchell should keep recording. Somewhere on something. Just as long as she keeps the preaching and pretension to her own muse.
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