Sunday, September 16, 2007


50 Cent said he would retire if Kanye West outsold him in their 9/11 showdown. Well, West did. I'm not a big fan of the Kanye album, but I'll upgrade it if 50 keeps his word. I've only liked a couple of 50 Cent's songs, but find his raps unmemorable. On his new album, he desperately tries to stay in the crossover game by including Justin and Robin Thicke for format airplay. It's a weak album. But will he retire? Remember the publicity ploy Jay-Z used a few years ago, saying he was finished. And then he started showing up on everyone's singles. Leading to a bad comeback album. 50 Cent could retire that name. But for a future album he could use 50 or Curtis or Curtis Jackson. Retire? We can only hope he keeps his word.
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