Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Flop, But Not A Flop

One of the things people forget about Moby Grape is that their 1967 debut wasn't a flop. It peaked at #24 and spent a decent 27 weeks on the album chart. But Columbia Records had bigger ideas. They hyped it to be the greatest album in years. Five, count 'em 5 singles released at the same time. So, while Columbia expected a million seller they only got a fraction of that. But wait, they were right about one thing. Moby Grape is one of the greatest albums of 1967, and as it turns out, ever. A perfectly timed Sundazed reissue on its 40th anniversary, what we have here is the perfect mix of late 60's Rock: Country, folk, pop, rock and garage all stirred up. After it, nothing. Interestingly, their second Wow made it to #20, but it's Sgt. Pepper sound has dated. And everything else they did can't compare. But what a debut.
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