Sunday, October 28, 2007

Future of Reissues?

I got some reissues in the mail yesterday from the Shout label. There were 4 CD's from the Vee Jay vaults: Jerry Butler, Staple Singers, the Dells and Jimmy Reed. They're all good, but they did make me wonder. What is the future for reissues here in the States. With the demise of the CD, digital will be the reissue of the future. And some labels are already going that route. It used to be if you were looking for archival reissues you'd look to Rhino. But that label now concentrates only on big names and big themes. There are still some albums that haven't been released on CD. Will they go digital? Probably. Cheaper packaging saves labels money. These Shout reissues won't sell to anyone but collector's of that genre. They focus only on the Vee Jay years of these artists. But they serve a purpose, don't they. If all you want are Jerry Butler's big hits, you can find them. But what about an obscure early 60's track?
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