Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Eagles Time Machine

Long Road Out Of Eden is the best song from a very long double album by the Eagles. It's their first in 28 years, and it will please you but won't thrill you. What I hear are solo cuts, spliced in with backing vocals. Henley's songs are the best and then there's Timothy B. Schmit. What's missing here is a sense of one band. As I said the Henley songs sound like they could've come off his solo stuff. "How Long" the non-Eagle write from the pen of J.D. Souther may be the closest this album comes to a full on collaboration. Even though there are Henley-Frey co-write's none but the title song, a 10 minute exploration of War gone wrong, will get to you. I was thinking that most of these songs would be throwaway's on their best 70's albums. You're going to hear a lot about how the Eagles have sold out by giving Wal-Mart an exclusive distribution until 2008. Certainly, Henley' rants about consumerism ring false when you think of how much an Eagles ticket cost or where you have to go to buy this CD. Selling out has never bothered me, but I wish the finished product was stronger.
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