Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2008 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Reaction

Well, what could we expect. For the second year in a row the Hall's Nominating Committee throws 9 names at us, and says 5 will be inducted. And for the 2nd year in a row we scratch our heads at the arrogance and laziness of the NC to come up with a ballot that will satisfy music fan's and even music critics. Think about it. This year the NC were so arrogant that they once again refused to nominate the acts the fans want to see (KISS, Alice Cooper, etc.) and they were even stupid enough no to nominated the acts that music critic's want to see (Gram Parsons, Stooges, etc.).

As for this year's inductees: Madonna was a no-brainer, Leonard Cohen satisfies the Rock crit-elite, Dave Clark Five were assured after 2007's controversy, John Mellencamp was no surprise but the Ventures were. So, that only leaves the Beastie Boys as this year's interesting left-out.

But why do we rag on the Hall so much? Take this year's non-performing inductees Gamble & Huff. They've been eligible for year's and have seen lesser light's inducted before them. How could the Hall wait until 2007 to put them in. I like Little Walter, but he shouldn't be in as a sidemen ahead of DJ Fontana or the Meters or Billy Preston. But Blues purists will say I'm wrong.

So, yeah I'm happy that the laggards at the Hall finally got Gamble & Huff in there, and I cheer the inductions of Mellencamp, Madonna and even Leonard Cohen. But the backlog of deserving artists continues to grow. And the outcry from all circles will too.
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