Friday, December 28, 2007

I Bought A Box Set

I got caught up in the Box Set boom of the early 90's. Looking at my CD collection even I can't figure out why I have box set's by Joe Cocker or Cheap Trick. Nothing against those people, but a single CD compilation would've done the trick. Eventually, box set's died when record label's released all they could from their catalog. Now your more likely to see compilation Box set's than single artist ones.
That's why this year's Love, Luther appealed to me. Finally a box set by an artist that I love. Sony has done right by him, also. Sure there are the usual box set quibbles. Remixes in favor of the proper track. An extended mix of "Never Too Much" when the original is just right. But you have to expect that with boxes. Biggest problem with the box. The liner notes are mediocre. But you do get lots of photos, and Sony put some thought in the unreleased stuff. It was worth my $35. I've finally added a box set to my collection that I feel I won't regret 15 years from now.
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