Monday, January 21, 2008

Who Was That Man In That Mirror?

There's a remarkable rap album out that you can't buy, but you can download for free. The rapper's name is Rhymefest and it's a tribute of sorts to Michael Jackson called Man In The Mirror. Most rap albums lose me with the skits and the gangsta, but here the skits work and it's refreshingly clear of gangsta and booty calls. Using old J5 and solo samples, intercut with diaglog from MJ's recording session's this mix tape does something that Jackson hasn't been able to do since the mid-80's. Be portrayed as he was before going crazy. Which is the supreme entertainer of his era. Rhymefest has fun with Jackson, but also respects his catalog. I doubt MJ will ever hear this tribute, but if he did he'd probably smile for the first time in ages.
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