Friday, March 21, 2008

B Level Albums By A Level Artists

I recently purchased two used CD's that aren't even the best CD's in their respective artist's catalog. Randy Newman's Land Of Dreams and the Cars' Heartbeat City. I'm no completist. I don't have every album by these people. Yet, these B level albums by A level artists have always interested me. It was in a way the last hurrah on the charts for both of these people. Newman's single "It's Money That Matters" got airplay on Rock radio and the Cars had a lot of hits of theirs. After, the Cars made one album that sucked and while Newman dropped a good one in the mid-90's, Bad Love, it got little notice. He gets more airplay for his Soundtracks. There are other albums like this that fascinate me. Mild or weak catalog sellers. I'm just keeping the catalog biz alive, I guess.
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