Saturday, March 08, 2008

Buried In Pages

Since cancelling my Billboard subscription last November, I've been giving serious consideration to every magazine that now comes up for renewal. The latest are Relix and Dirty Linen. The former isn't a bad Jam Band rag and the latter has a lot of reviews but they're weak. I'll probably pass on both, and just skim through them at Border's. I used to get 2 Blues Magazines, but cancelled because I found the reviews were weak and overly positive. I was one of the first to subscribe to Vibe, but it quickly grew to be a mediocrity. Most of the political mags I get, I've let go as well. Those include Atlantic, Harper's, Nation. I like the latter but it's getting expensive. Like I said you can go to Border's or Barnes & Noble and read most of these mags in a few minutes. That's what I do with Time, Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly.
But other magazines are worth buying or renewing. Some I read more than twice. So below are the magazines I subscribe to followed by the ones I buy at newstands.

Rolling Stone, Blender, Harp, Paste, Performing Songwriter, No Depression (r.i.p.), Guitar World (on my chopping block because it no longer covers classic rock like it used to), Under The Radar, Goldmine, JazzTimes, Down Beat, Vanity Fair, Esquire, GQ, Details (chopping block)

Mojo, Q, Uncut, Record Collector (all 4 are British imports), American Songwriter, Wax Poetics, People

I think that covers it. Unless you count my local paper. I'm always on the lookout for a good magazine, whether old or new, that's worth picking up. The Brit mags are good but run you $10 a piece.
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