Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stevie Ray Vaughan As Session Star

Stevie Ray Vaughan's Solos, Sessions & Encores is the first Vaughan reissue to get some heated responses from his fans. On there are a lot of people who think that Epic/Legacy is trying to milk the vaults when there's little there. The concept here is Stevie as session musician or supporting artist. The best track is the first, 7 minutes of prime picking with Albert King and Paul Butterfield. Legacy has a right to keep people interested in Vaughan's catalog, and at least the concept here is better than another repackage of Vaughan's best known tracks.
This is the year that Vaughan is eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and I would be stunned if he's not nominated or inducted. With the nominating committee you never know, with the voters you never know as well. But I expect a nomination and a first ballot induction. Vaughan was a better guitarist than singer, but he was also a true Blues man for the 20th century. He could play them because he lived them. Regardless of his skin color, Vaughan broke through, and for a brief time gave the genre a jolt.
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