Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Vinyl's Comeback?

What do I miss about vinyl albums? Maybe the artwork. Yeah, that was pretty good. What don't I miss? The crackles, the pops, the space they took up, turning the damn things over. Audiophiles will tell you that vinyl's sound is more pure than the coldness of digital. Maybe so, but I don't miss my vinyl records, most of which I unloaded years ago. I've still kept a couple of never been on CD classics from the Beatles and Elvis, but the rest are gone, and the space in my room is happier.
The NY Times ran an article on 8/31 about vinyl's resurgence and its supposed to be true. But I say it smells of niche. Vinyl will never recapture its old market, mainly because of space issues. Most people don't have their turntables anymore. I've got nothing against those that crave the sound of vinyl, and if the stuff can get those turned off by CD's to a record store that will sell it, I'm all for it. But for me, I'll take the little shiny things over the big plastic ones.
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