Thursday, October 09, 2008

Modern Day Blue Eyed Soul

Daryl Hall hates the phrase "Blue Eyed Soul". To him you either got soul or you don't, regardless of skin color. He may have a point. A lot of white men can sing Soul music. And sing it good. But when one does it sticks out. Always has, even back when Hall ruled the charts, and always will.
Two modern day white soul singers, Robin Thicke and England's James Morrison, released followups to their biggest albums last week. Both show wear their influences proud, Thicke more than Morrison. Robin Thicke loves his Marvin Gaye, and his falsetto takes you back to Here My Dear. Morrison is harder to pin down, but Van Morrison and even Joe Cocker come to mind. Neither of these albums is as good as their breakthroughs. Morrison gets stuck with too many AC numbers, and Thicke's Marvin worship grows weary over an entire album.
But taken in tokens, these albums hold up as good examples of Modern day, yes I'll say it, blue eyed soul. Sorry Daryl.
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