Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't You Love Lists?

Didn't Rolling Stone already do a 100 Greatest Singers List? They've dropped a number of these things recently that, between them and Blender, it's getting hard to keep up. I've got no problem with the names on the Rolling Stone one. I could quibble about rankings, but it's not a bad list. Give them credit for charting Steve Perry, and realize that he never would have made it without the Sopranos. But I could get rid of some names right away. Jeff Buckley, Christina Aguilera, Steve Tyler, Thom Yorke and Ronnie Spector need to take a seat. I'd add Daryl Hall, Aaron Neville, Dionne Warwick, Levi Stubbs (or Teddy Pendergrass) and Alison Krauss. Oh, and Paul Rodgers gets ranked ahead of Roger Daltry. Lists, don't you love 'em?
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