Friday, November 06, 2009

This Is It

After watching This Is It, I was reminded of the 1977 CBS TV Special broadcast a couple of months after Elvis died. Fat and uninterested and going through the motions, Elvis had given up.
You don't get that feeling with Michael Jackson. Whether he would have made it through a 50 show run is up for speculation, but the show promised to be exactly what he said it would: the end. How would he have been able to top what was to be a gigantic spectacle?
Michael, being a pro that he was, didn't just leave things up to Kenny Ortega, but he was more involved than we thought. He looks thin, and the voice needed to be saved, but there is no question that this wasn't a man who had given up on life or music.
The best thing This Is It does is bring the music back to Michael Jackson's legacy. For that it's a fitting farewell.
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