Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rawk and Roll!

The Australian Band Wolfmother's 2nd album, Cosmic Egg, will have some people howling the same things they did after their first album came out: derivative, copy-cats, recycled Zep/Cream riffs. But hasn't Rock and Roll always recycled itself? Zeppelin took from the Blues, the Stones from R&B and the Beatles from American Rock and Roll of the late 50's.
Lead singer/guitarist Andrew Stockdale knows how to win you over. Pummel the doubters with enough hooks that they will succumb. But Stockdale is no show off. He's a great guitarist but he respects his era. And while I'm no doubter, I get it. This is meat and potatoes Rawk like we got in the 70's. Lyics? It's not about them. Castles, the Sun, Kingdoms you know the reat. But I bow to their thump, and hope the doubters never get in the way of this monster truck.
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