Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Sade's Comeback

Sade's first album in 10 years runs just over 41 minutes. Much like Maxwell's 2009 comeback which ran just under 40 minutes. Maxwell took nearly a decade for his return, Sade a full one. Remarkably, they both sounded just like they left. Vocally, musically, lyrics also. And like Maxwell, Sade is getting rave reviews for something she never got raves for in the past.
Maybe the reason these albums are so liked is because the R&B field in the 00's was full of mediocre talent. A lot of male singers sounded the same, and female ones were awash in melisma.
But Sade and Maxwell have a distinct sound. Neither one is an exceptional vocalist, but they write good songs, and no their limitations.
I'm hesitant to call either one a comeback, because they never fell off.
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