Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sinatra and the Rock Hall

The article I posted yesterday on the Rock Hall Nominating Committee and the meaning of "Rock" mentioned Frank Sinatra. If Nat King Cole is a Hall of Famer (and Billie Holiday, too) how can Sinatra be left out? I've advocated for years that he belongs, but I have a reason he's not in there. Sinatra hated "Rock & Roll". Oh sure, he covered some Rock songs, but he never cared for any of the people in that field. And I think the Nominating Committee is reminded of this anytime someone brings up his name.

But here's news to the Nominating Committee. Nat Cole didn't care for "Rock". Even did a song called, "Mr. Cole Won't Rock & Roll". Some people say Cole is doing this tongue in cheek, but listen to the below clip and feel the contempt for this new form of music that's taken over the charts.
I love Nat Cole and Holiday. But if they are in, you've got to have Sinatra.
YouTube - Nat King Cole - Mr. Cole Won't Rock and Roll (Live at the Sands) - R
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