Thursday, September 16, 2010

More on the Dumb Elfin

I love that Dumb Unicorn (you can find his link on my blog postings for this month), and thank him for giving me a chance to respond to his rebuttal of my post on his site. This all started because of the names below and his post on the Rock Hall. Get a load of the artists that the 3rd rate Tolkien groupie wants the Rock Hall to induct, and no I am not making these up:

Harry Chapin
Humble Pie
Canned Heat
Jim Croce
Blue Oyster Cult
Uriah Heep

Oh sure he picks a few other names I agree with. We could shake hands on Warren Zevon, Mott the Hoople and a couple others. But my problem with him (it?, she?) was the whole point of his post. And it was a classic of ignorance/stupidity, as I initially posted.

But wait, why pick on someone so clueless? It's true, I've read many similar posts, but something hit a nerve as I laughed my way through this debacle.

What got me ticked off was that he doesn't believe that Motown artists should be in the Hall. That's right, you read that correctly. R&B in the Rock Hall of Fame? Not according to this joker.
Stevie Wonder? No. Ray Charles? No. Outside of early influence names that he supports like Robert Johnson, his idea of Rock era names in the Rock Hall (non-Early Influence names) would be an all-White one. Save for Hendrix. His post backs this claim up. Any African-Americans worthy of getting into your "Rock" Hall in the Performer category? Yeah, didn't think so.

Johnny Cash? No. Pop or Rap? No.
If it don't Rawk, then dude, it ain't nothin'.

Without a doubt, if I could nominate one post about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010 for most Clueless, Stupidest, Dumbest, Irrelevant, Mind-boggling idiocy it would have to be from the Dumb Elfin.

So when I blogged about R&B and Disco artists that should be in there, he ran with it. Because his knowledge of music is so limited he doesn't know that there is a world outside of his preferred genres, Prog and "Rock". So, he's posted my name on Rock forums and called me out. But you know the old cliche about payback? It's a .....

No, he's another one of those that think the "Rock" in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should be only "Rock" artists. He doesn't have any idea what the definition of "Rock and Roll" is, so he fills up a page with his vacuous thoughts, puts it out on the Web, and doesn't expect anyone to challenge is moronic post. And now he's found someone who will. I'll take my list of R&B artists I want in the Hall and stack them up against his Rock names anytime.

Hey Elf! Want to debate me?

Had it not been for a Twitter post by Future Rock Legends I would not have known who this thing was.

P.S. Oh, Elfin. Check your facts better. The Jefferson Airplane are already in the Hall. And you spelled Woody Guthrie's first name wrong.

Rainbow!? I love you, brother! Keep up the good work!!

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