Monday, September 13, 2010

Please Forgive Me Dark Elf

Oh, Dark Elf, how I bow to your musical knowledge. For it is I who is the novice ignorant regarding all things of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I shall post your eloquent rebuttal. My stupidly written response to your inititial vast wisdom on the hallow Hall was a mistake that I shall always regret. The nights are darker now that you have reprimanded me in front of your followers. My weeping is constant. Help me Dark Elf. Help me see the light that you shone in your written word.

How shall you ever forgive me, Dark Elf, for it is I who is to blame for my ineptitude in seeing the greatness of Uriah Heep or Humble Pie.

How will I be able to repay you Sir? For the Dark Elf rules over all of us with his Rock Hall insight. I am now your follower, my Lord. This shall be my last written word on the Rock Hall, unless you, my Lord, should teach me the musical history that I, being of nothing, need so desperately to learn.

Sir, I bow at your feet.

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