Wednesday, October 13, 2010


When it comes to the Rock Hall Nomination and/or Inductees announcements, you get a few days worth of opinions, and then nothing.

This happened late last month when the Hall announced its latest set of nominees. Lots of people (including me) weighed in and then everyone disappeared. So, until December, when the inductees are announced, there won't be much to speculate about.

I write this because after the nominees were announced I did my usual Internet searches and most of the commentaries went typically like this: "Isn't the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame" supposed to be inducting Rock artists?" "What's with Rap, Soul and Disco artists getting nominated?" And of course the usual, where is Rush threads.

But some were smart enough to figure out that the Hall's mission from the beginning was to induct a wide range of musical styles. And that's what they will always do.

The best Twitter response came from someone saying that Rush/KISS aren't even the biggest snubs, they just have the loudest fans. And that person is 100% correct. There are better, more important names that deserve to get in before them. In fact, 2 come from the same genres of Prog Rock/Hard Rock: Deep Purple and Yes.

I might blog on big snubs at a later date, but whoever wrote that also should know that what both Rush/KISS have over Deep Purple and Yes are more rabid fans. Both bands are still active (KISS with 2 other members), so they are still in their fans sights.

That's why I expect Rush to get nominated in a year or two and KISS to get back on the ballot as well.
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