Saturday, September 25, 2010

Roy Trakin: A New NomCom Member?

By this time next week you might be able to add Roy Trakin to the list of Rock Hall Nominating Committee members. Why do I know this? On Trakin's Facebook page he posted that he was at the NomCom Meeting this month. He doesn't say he was a member, but that he was there. And he is a voter.

I hope he is a new voice, for he has championed Neil Diamond and Hall & Oates for the Hall in some of his posts.

I sent Trakin an email asking him about this and he didn't respond. Next I went to his Facebook page and sent him a message, and he responded. First, he's sworn not to reveal anything about the NomCom meeting until after the nominees are announced. Once they are, he will blog about his choices.

Here is what he wrote me:

" I'm kinda sworn to Omerta, but once the initial batch of nominees come out, I will go over my reasoning for my inductee candidates..."

But the kicker is that when I asked him if he's a member, his reply was a coy "Mmmmm....". When I told him that we already have a list of members up until last year he never replied back.

Below are 3 links about Trakin. He's a good critic/Editor and best of all a New York Jet fan. In the past he's blogged about the Rock Hall. He also has spoken about how Hall & Oates should be in the Rock Hall, and is one of the duo's biggest fans, as I stated above. I'm curious as to who he stumped for and what his role was at the NomCom meeting. Stay tuned.

Last year Toure tweeted to me that his main goal was to get LL Cool J nominated.

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