Monday, September 12, 2011

Hall Nomination Process

The Rock Hall Nominating Committee met yesterday to discuss their nominees for 2012.  This is sort of a secret society.  Most of the members don't want to discuss what goes on in this meeting.  The only ones who are willing to talk are former members.
It's like the Hall told these guys to sign a confidentiality pact.  I've tried to get Roy Trakin and Claudia Perry to fess up, but get blank replies.
Why is this?  Why is the Hall so secretive about the whole nomination process.  Even the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which has a similar process, let's their members speak up.
My feeling is that if word gets out that some members are biased against, oh, Prog Rock or Metal, that it will be bad publicity for the Hall's nomination process.
Still, I find it amusing that they won't let these people speak up.
Also, let's think about how some of this is done.  We know that West Coast members like Robert Hilburn don't attend the meeting.  Hilburn said he submits his choices and that's that.  Roy Trakin, as well.
So, is the actual arguing over who gets nominated done by only a select few?
Those of us who have watched over the Hall always want answers.
It would be nice to get more than blank stares.
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