Sunday, December 04, 2011

Rock Hall Aritcle in NY Times

This is a very good read.  Some interesting tidbits.  We long time followers of the Hall kind of know this stuff already, but it's good to see it appear in a big Daily like the New York Times.
The bottom line is that ego does play a part in how the process works.  We already knew that.

 The anti-disco stuff is eye-opening.  The manager of the Bee Gees had to call Ahmet Ertegun and Seymour Stein to get the Bee Gees nominated!  But that was then, and to be fair, most of those NomCom members are no longer on the board.

I want to go on record with this:  there is no longer an anti-disco bias amongst the NomCom members.  BUT there is one amongst the voters who've done a great job of passing over both the groundbreaking Chic and influential hit-making Donna Summer.

Also, the quote on Rock bands by the manager of KISS is good, but then again both them and Bon Jovi were nominated and passed over.  This seems more of a problem with the electorate than the NomCom.

I'm no NomCom apologist, and as I always say, every Hall whether a Sports one or Music one has problems and no one is ever satisfied with who gets in and doesn't.  At the end of this article someone suggested that the  Hall needs to broaden its NomCom membership.  Duh, I've been saying that for years.  Get rid of some of these old, stodgy voices and bring in fresh ones.  And a term limit of being on the NomCom.  Yes, yes, yes.
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