Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why Is Steve Perry Stalling?

In the above article Steve Perry talks about his future plans.  He's building a new studio, has a bunch of songs ready to cut and doesn't feel like touring anymore.

But it seems we've heard all of this before.  Didn't Randy Jackson say that he heard some Perry demos and they were terrific?
What it sounds like to me is that Perry is suffering from something a lot of artists who haven't recorded in a long time (Perry is at 13 years and counting) suffer from:
The "How will I ever top my older stuff?  And there's no way my new stuff will be accepted, so why put it out anyway?"
You could say Billy Joel suffers the same fate.  David Bowie also.  Bill Withers?  He hates record companies, but also doesn't think any new music sells.
Besides as long as Journey's catalog keeps selling, Perry doesn't need to put out anything.  I'd venture to say that unless Perry has something special in all his demos that old Journey titles would outsell any new Perry titles.
But I want to find that out for myself.  I'd love to hear what Perry is up to.  But in reality.  So much time has passed.  Who really cares anymore?

Oh, and as far as the Journey in the Rock Hall question that the article brings up.  Not gonna happen.  Unless they get a whole bunch of new NomCom members on board.
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