Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Road Goes On Forever"

Some people love to Road Trip.  I saw them while going Cross-Country.  RV loaded and away their off.  But while it was interesting seeing a wide swath of the U.S. (okay mostly Southwest and Southern states), long days behind the wheel just isn't my way of life.

Too many stayovers in Hotels.  Too many pit stops at fast food joints.  Too many stops at never-ending gas  stops.  The goal of my trip from California to Florida was to reach my destination in one week, with pit-stops in New Orleans, the Grand Canyon and Memphis.  Those were the tourist stops.  Everything else was just hotel stops.  We got to Florida a day earlier.  Had to endure a near Hurricane along the Gulf Coast to get there, which I've never driven through, but we made it.

Still, getting on a plane back from Florida to California and being home that same day makes me appreciate air travel even more.  I'll never say never when it comes to road trips. I posted  before that a train ride across some parts of the U.S. interests me.  But another "Six Days on the Road"?   Not high on my bucket list.
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