Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Comfort Food

New albums and concert tours by "Heritage" acts are pure comfort food for a generation that can't stomach most of today's new acts.
The article listed below is all about that, and  when I see rave reviews this year for albums by Dylan, Neil Young & Springsteen, regardless if anyone is buying them, I know from Facebook postings by older Rock critics that they are pretty dismissive of what's charting today.

Bob Lefsetz always makes a big deal about how these classic rock acts should never release another album, because no one wants to hear or buy their new songs.
But that's just cranky old rock-crit musings.  I'm glad a Paul Simon still wants to put out albums.  These artists aren't stupid.  They know their best-selling days are behind them, but screw it, they still love to make records.  And we hope they continue to do so.
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