Monday, October 29, 2012

My Picks: 2013 Rock Hall Ballot

This is how I rank this year's Rock Hall nominees.

This was indeed a tough ballot to choose from. And many of the names at the bottom half all would get a vote.  I actually feel bad that some are ranked so low.   

Remember these aren't my predictions, just who I would vote for.  The Hall went with 6 names last year. 

1.  Donna Summer -  Her death gives her a better chance this year than any other year.
2.  Randy Newman -  His movie scores might still be a problem with some, but listen to his catalog of non-soundtracks.  Great stuff.
3.  Chic -  Anti-Disco voters seem confused that they continue to get nominated.   I feel sorry for those voters.
4.  Heart -  Those 80's MTV mega-hits may have hurt them with voters last year.
5.  Public Enemy - Don't forget about the Bomb Squad.
6.  Rush -  Anybody remember their one and only Top 40 hit from 1982, "New World Man"?  Peaked at #21.

7.  Meters - I guess we get no Neville Brothers until the Meters get in.  But these guys could also go in as sidemen.
8.  Deep Purple -  Listen to their early stuff before going to Machine Head.  They already had the riffs.  
9.  Albert King - As a Stevie Ray Vaughan  & Blues Rock fan, I can tell you he was very highly regarded
10. Marvelettes - Blessed with  2 wonderful lead vocalists.  They were one of the era's great Girl Groups.
11.  Procol Harum - A very, very good band.  And they have a deeper catalog than that one song everyone knows.
12.  Kraftwerk -  You hear their sound all over the current EDM scene
13.  Joan Jett & The Blackhearts- Like Patti Smith and Chrissie Hynde, an influence on many a tough girl singer.
14.  Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Like I said,  I feel bad putting them this low.   Tough ballot.
15. N.W.A. -  This year's Eric B. & Rakim nomination.
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