Wednesday, November 28, 2012

X Factor vs. The Voice

Okay, the X Factor is a train wreck this year.  The Voice?  Not a train wreck, but in its 3rd year it has yet to product one star.  The jury is out on season 3, but I'm doubtful.

The difference between the two?  On The Voice the contestants are at least singing songs that aren't too obvious.

On the X Factor it's all Whitney, Mariah and every other overplayed song you can think of.
The nadir was when the so-called "Rocker" sang "God Bless the USA" on a show about who their heroes were.

Another?  The judges.  While the Voice judges are annoyingly nice, the X Factor is full of bad advice from the likes of a Demi Lovato, a spineless Simon Cowell, a bored Britney Spears and an invisible LA Reid.
Let's face it, Demi and Britney were a disaster this year.

Fox is bringing back the X Factor next year, although I don't know why.  Guess the youth demographics are good.  The Voice is also coming back, and is now on a twice a year cycle.  

Oh, and I forgot about American Idol, which had a horrible year. But is already making headlines with the annoying Nicki Minaj added as a judge.

Why do I keep watching these things?
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