Sunday, September 22, 2013

Questlove on NomCom

So, the Roots' Questlove (Ahmir-Kalib Thompston) is a new member of the NomCom.  I'm not really surprised, since his stint on the Jimmy Fallon show and his book from this year (which is very good), Mo Meta Blues, show him to be more than just a student of Hip Hop.  Which of course he is and that's why they put him on the hip hop subcommittee.

But the Hall would be making a mistake just keeping him there.  Read his book and you'll see he loves all kinds of genres and knows his musical history.

Among  names the Hall should add to the NomCom, I submit Rolling Stone magazine critic Rob Sheffield as a prime candidate.  Let's get rid of some of these old names with their old ideas and add some fresh insight to the NomCom process.

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