Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Stevie Ray Vaughan's Turn?

The Importance of Stevie Ray Vaughan

As we get closer to another Rock Hall nomination ballot, it's always good to get caught up on when Stevie Ray Vaughan will get nominated.  Eligible since 2008, he has been passed up the last 5 years while the Hall has looked for other Blues acts to induct.  So, Freddie & Albert King have been inducted, and rightly so.  I just don't know who else the Hall wants in before Stevie.  Johnny Winter?  Most likely the twice nominated Paul Butterfield Blues Band.  But the well will eventually run dry and they'll put Vaughan on the ballot.  Where he will be inducted first ballot.  The NomCom knows he'll get in right away, that's why they've kept him off for now, while focusing on past Blues acts.

The above article, written by Ted Drozdowski,  is a good summation in 2013 of the greatness of Vaughan and why he was such a titanic figure in Blues history.  Soon, the Rock Hall will have no choice but to join his fan club.
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