Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Been seeing articles lately about the rise from the ashes life of the good old cassette.  The great thing about cassettes is they were the ultimate mix-tape medium.  Small and easy to stuff in your pocket, and to pass along to someone else.  Plus, people with older cars didn't always have CD players installed, but they most likely had a cassette player.

I made my last cassette mix tape in the early 2000's, and then gave away a bunch of the ones I had made over the years.  You see the problem with tape is that it easily damaged.  And if you didn't keep your cassettes in the case that's what would happen.  Plus it became harder to find them as the year's went by.

But I can see the sentimentality over them.  For vinyl lovers the lure is the sound and artwork.  For cassette lovers it's the days of making your own mixes.  They set the stage for the Ipod playlists and everything that came afterwards.

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