Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pete Seeger

What has struck me the most from reading obituaries on Pete Seeger is that most of them come to same conclusion.  We just don't have performers like this anymore.  Seeger pushed buttons, did things his own way, and sang for as long as his 94 year old body would let him.
But there was courage in the man.  And he paid for it.  Blacklisted, kept off TV for 15 years, he shrugged it off and kept performing. And became a hero to a generation of not just Folk singers but Rock ones as well.

My earlier point about not having performers like Seeger anymore will only grow as I read more obits down the road.  But no one wants to upset anyone anymore.  Protest songs by someone of Seeger's stature are no where to be found.  And certainly no big name artist speaks out like he did.

Sure those were different times.  But were they?  There is still much in the world to sing about, and the things Seeger spoke up for are still out there.
Pete Seeger was an original voice, and remained so until he passed.  Where are the original voices today?
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