Sunday, March 09, 2014

KISS & Daryl Hall

"It's all political isn't it? It's run by people who have their own agendas. I wasn't part of their agendas and now I'm a part of their agenda. - Daryl Hall

"Their attitude is elitist and it doesn't reflect the public."  - Paul Stanley

Neither Hall & Oates or KISS were critical favorites.  But they were public ones.  KISS has the bigger fan base, but H&O's first ballot induction showed that they were very popular with fellow Hall inductees.

But in their heyday, neither one came close to topping any year-end critic lists.  What Daryl Hall & Paul Stanley are really talking about are the group of critics (i.e. Rolling Stone magazine, maybe Village Voice ones and some other magazines that were around at that time like Creem and Crawdaddy) that shunned them when they were at their peak and now must bow down to them as they get the Rock Hall honor.

I'd say Hall & Oates have gotten the better reviews for the music, while KISS have gotten the better notices for their tours.
But when KISS' induction was announced last December I was not surprised to see Rock Hall voters and music critics taking shots at them.  Decades past their prime, they still rile up critics.

But Hall & Oates was a more pleasant reaction.  Their nomination didn't elicit much grumbling and quite the opposite. It actually brought out a more respectful tone.  I'm not sure this would have happened when H&O were first eligible for the Hall back in 1998.  Since then they were inducted in to the Songwriters Hall in 2005 and Daryl Hall started his web-only (now on TV) Live at Daryl's House.  It also helped that a lot of newer voters were added to the Rock Hall's rolls.

Oh, and of course it helped that the Roots' Questlove became a NomCom member, and got them on the ballot.

But back to Hall and Stanley's original quotes.  Both make valid points.  The NomCom is indeed a problematic mess at times.  The addition and reduction of members hasn't changed that.  Yet, what Hall & Stanley are mostly doing here is taking the populist view of the whole situation.  Kind of what Rush did last year.  We'll accept your honor even though you really didn't want us.  It's all for the fans, etc. etc.  But I believe they really do care about getting inducted.  It's obvious KISS have thought about this day for some time.  And H&O have been asked why they aren't in the Hall many times.  Neither act needed the HOF honor to validate their career.  Or to fill more seats on tour.  But personally, they are proud (I say this about all acts who always say an induction means nothing, but you know it does).

Now that the moment is here, they are ready to unload.  But being the true pro's they are, will gladly accept for all of us that wanted them in.  So let's see if they call out  the HOF in their induction speeches.  I don't think Hall will, but Stanley might.  It's the type of drama the HOF wants.
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