Tuesday, February 11, 2014


The first Beatles song I remember hearing was "We Can Work It Out", which would make me a 1 1/2 at the time.  My sister who is 5 years older than me caught the fever.  I also remember her playing "Eight Days A Week"  all the time.  Oh, and she played the Beatles '65 and Yesterday and Today (66) all the time.  By the way, when I tell people that my sister got rid of the Butcher cover album  at a garage sale years ago, I still get gasps of exasperation.  I swear I didn't know.

Although we are an Elvis Presley family, we also loved the Beatles.  But by the time the Beatles hit, the young girls had moved on, and they came at the perfect time.  The young kids who screamed for Elvis were now young adults.  And had moved on to other types of music.  Luckily, Elvis survived his movie phase and made his '68 Comeback and got back a lot of the fans that had deserted him.

I should also mention that the first Beatles album I bought by myself was in 1977, Live at the Hollywood Bowl, which has never been released digitally.   It's one of the few vinyl's I still have left.
So, 50 years later the music is timeless.  There are still people, even musicians, who don't like the Beatles.  The same with Elvis.  But those are the minority.  For the rest of us, the early fever still rises on occasions.  Like this year.
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