Sunday, August 24, 2014

My Old Ipod

The other day I listened to my 20GB Ipod for the first time in ages.  There's 5000 songs on there and no more room to put anything else on there.  I think the last song I got uploaded was "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse.  The whole purpose of this Ipod was to put only my favorite songs on there.  But when I ran out of room, I lost interest in taking songs off and adding them over the years.

But listening again, I can see how Ipod's changed our listening habits.  I always had mine on shuffle play, and never had a playlist on it.  It was refreshing but puzzling how these Ipod's think.  I heard 2 Madonna songs in a half hour, mixed in with some XTC, Crowded House and others.  There are more Elvis Presley songs on there than any artist and I didn't hear any in over an hour.

Getting back to my point.  The Ipod did change the music biz.  Now it's streaming that doing the same thing.  My 20GB appears to be frozen in time, unless I ever add/remove songs.  There really isn't enough time to get things done nowadays.
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