Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Grammy Awards

Let's face it, the only reason people are talking about the 2015 Grammy's is Kanye West.  Was it a stunt or did the Producer's plan the whole thing?  Okay, it was another of his stupid stunts, but Grammy folks must have loved it.

I don't care who wins these awards.  Most are forgotten the next day.  But I admit that in the smaller categories that don't get televised a Grammy is a big thing.  But even there the Grammy voters showed how boring they are.  I saw the usual names winning:  Chick Corea, Ziggy Marley, John Williams.  And  Eminem winning 2 awards, probably the low point of the evening.  And how does Tenacious D win the Best Metal Performance?

For me, it's all about the performances, and there were some good ones and some that should have been but just missed.  ELO were great because we haven't seen enough of Jeff Lynne singing those great songs.  Tom Jones should have been, but he was hampered by Jessie J.  Why Kanye got to sing on 2 songs is besides me.  AC/DC should have ditched the new song and stuck with a hits medley.  Brandy Clark and Dwight Yoakam represented Country better than the Miranda and Eric Church numbers.  And I like how Annie Lennox took over the stage just like she used to in her Eurythmics days.

And so it goes.  People are talking about how the ratings are down.  But Sunday is a competitive TV night.  And with social media we can get an instant idea of how things are going.
So why are the Grammy's tape-delayed on the West Coast?  The Oscar's, Emmy's are live for both coasts.  I've never heard a definitive answer.  But I have heard that they aren't going to change that for 2016.

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