Saturday, July 04, 2015

CCR Poll

Been awhile since I've particpated in a poll.  This one is worth it.  Creedence Clearwater Revival, America's greatest Rock band.

List Top 25 songs and Top 5 albums.  Songs can include John Fogerty solo stuff.

1.  Proud Mary
2.  Fortunate Son
3.  Born On The Bayou
4.  Bad Moon Rising
5.  Have You Ever Seen The Rain
6.  Down On The Corner
7.  Lodi
8.  Green River
9.  Run Through The Jungle
10. Who'll Stop The Rain
11.  Lookin' Out My Back Door
12.  Wrote A Song For Everyone
13.  Travelin' Band
14.  Up Around The Bend
15.  Long As I Can See The Light
16.  I Heard It Through The Grapevine
17,  Rockin' All Over The World  (John Fogerty)
18.  Don't Look Now
19.  Effigy
20.  Old Man Down The Road  (John Fogerty)
21.  Southern Streamline  (John Fogerty)
22.  Ramble Tamble
23.  Centerfield  (John Fogerty)
24.  It Came Out Of The Sky
25.  Tombstone Shadow

1.  Cosmo's Factory
2.. Willy and the Poor Boys
3.  Green River
4.  Bayou Country
5.  Pendulum
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