Friday, October 09, 2015

Tracks Of My Life Playlist

Songs that have meant something to me at one point in my life.  I can remember hearing music from the radio or my sister's bedroom at a very early age (2, 3).  And that's  the whole concept of the Tracks of My Life Playlist.

Oddly enough, they are not necessarily my favorite records of all time.  What it basically entails are songs that played in the background of important events in my life. Most of these are from the mid-60's to 80's. In the end, while I might love other records more, these are the ones that conjure up more solid memories. The list is a volatile one. Songs will be added as I remember them.

My Spotify playlist of these songs is linked below. I'm adding tracks as I go along.  So if you're on Spotify, click the link and join me.

Tracks of My Life

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